kv. Boyana, area "Kinocenter"


A complex of 4 single-family houses located in the village of kv.Boyana, area "Kinocenter"

The residential group “GENTLE HOUSE V” consists of four single-family houses in a gated development in Kv. Boyana, area “Kinocentar” in a property with access from the street. “Golyama Mogila”, providing an immediate connection to Blvd. “Okolovrasten pat”.

The houses are situated at the beginning of the already developed and modern complex “GENTLE HOUSE”, known for its high-quality architecture and construction, as well as for its rich landscaping and impressive landscape architecture. The complex has developed steadily for over 15 years, always mirroring modern trends in design and construction technology. Far from the idea of typification and uniformity, but retaining the feeling of a harmonious ensemble, each new phase, each new group of houses and each new building develops and complements the dynamic equilibrium in which forms and materials make up the constantly evolving organism of the complex, leaving it at every moment compositionally complete but also open to further development.

In this context of high demands on the spatial and architectural urban form of the new “sub-complex”, the developed solution is a natural continuation in every respect.

THE FOUR LUXURY SINGLE-FAMILY RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS REPRESENT ONE PULSING COMPOSITION in which details, forms, materials, and organization constitute a whole, consisting of separate, functionally, and architecturally distinct volumes. The functional and architectural differences, based on the specific situational position of each of the houses on the plot, as well as their exposure, naturally make the composition lively and unique.

Very characteristic of “GENTLE HOUSE V” is the functional solution of the ground floor, where the overflowing spaces of living room, kitchen, and dining room are further developed in the intermediate spaces of the covered terraces and culminate in the interior detail developed at the level of the courtyard. This courtyard, completely isolated from the rest, creates the feeling of a peristyle – an open but intimate space – a natural extension of the interior, fully integrated, functionally spatially, and aesthetically with the living spaces. In this way, a spacious pulsating space is created in which the categories of outside-inside lose their standard meaning.

At the entrance level (basement level), accessed via an internal alley common to all four houses, the house contains a representative vestibule with cloakroom and bathroom, a garage for two cars, technical rooms, a cinema room, and a “special room” for guests, which could perform other complementary functions such as a study – the recently popular Home Office, with natural lighting and its courtyard with an exotic garden. The upper level has the normal contents for a residence – three bedrooms and two bathrooms, as well as a terrace that can be accessed from all rooms on the floor through a common corridor. The connection to the lower level is made by a single-arm openwork staircase with overhead lighting, positioned as a mini-atrium, giving light and assembling the spaces of both levels. The façades are designed with ventilated cladding made of pre-manufactured embossed panels of high-strength concrete, suspended in front of a thermal façade system, and ventilated timber cladding with mineral wool insulation. The external envelope walls are constructed of hollow ceramic blocks and concrete. The facade glazing, floor to ceiling height, is of an aluminum profile system with intermittent thermal bridging and double glazing units. Harmonic glazing is provided at ground floor level from the living and dining rooms to the terrace and courtyard. Radiant underfloor heating is provided for all rooms in the houses, including the garages, fed by an air-to-water heat pump system. A ‘smart home’ system for automated management and control of energy consumption is provided for each house.


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About the property

Chief Architect: A Panov
Total area of ​​the property: 1784 м2
Built-up area: 455-470 м2
Yard area: 200-305 м2


kv. Boyana, area "Kinocenter"

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House II C

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