V.Z. "Malinova Dolina"


The residential group “GENTLE VILLAGE” will consist single-family houses in a closed development in the neighbourhood “Malinova Dolina”, in a property with access from “Bistrishko Shose” street, providing a direct connection to “Okolovrasten Pat” blvd., as well as to neighbourhood “Mladost”.

The houses are located near the already developed and modern “GENTLE PARK” complex, known for high-quality architecture and construction, as well as for its rich landscaping and impressive landscape architecture. GENTLE VILLAGE” will keep modern trends in design and construction technology. Far from the idea of ​​typification and unification, but preserving the feeling of a harmonious ensemble, each new stage, each new group of houses and each new building will develop and complement the dynamic equilibrium in which forms and materials will build the ever-evolving organism of the complex, leaving it at every moment compositionally complete, but also open for further development.

The luxury single-family residential buildings will represent a pulsating composition in which details, forms, materials and organization make up a whole, consisting of separate, differing functionally and architecturally, volumes. The functional and architectural differences, based on the specific situational location of each of the houses in the plot, as well as their exposure, naturally make the composition alive and unique.

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About the property

Chief Architect: А Panov
Total area of ​​the property: 12282 м2
Built-up area: 384-1251 м2
Yard area: 122 -1191 м2


V.Z. "Malinova Dolina"

House III

House II C

House II B

House II A

House I C

House I B

House I a