kv. Boyana, area "Kinocenter"


At the foot of Vitosha Mountain is located the neighbourhood called ”Kinocenter” – a holiday zone of Vitosha district. “Boyana” – one of the most preferred and sought-after areas in Sofia. The property with an area of 507 square meters is located there, near the boulevard. “Ring Road” and the intersection with Blvd. “Bulgaria”, with easy links to all parts of the city.

GENTLE HOUSE is the completion of a series of luxury residential buildings built in the

in recent years in the region. Maximum privacy and independence of the

building, and the facade layout contributes to this.

The house consists of three levels. On the first level there is a garage, a cinema room, a gym and

service premises. It is accessible only from the north from “Sveti Sava” street, from which the entrance for pedestrians and cars takes place. On the second level is located

“Day” zone, where there is a living room, kitchen, dining room and adjoining barbecue area, as well as a guest bedroom and bathroom. On the third level there are 3 bedrooms

rooms with private bathrooms and closets. The house is registered on an individual basis

in the property, while the terrain characteristics are preserved. In this way,

It separates an intimate courtyard to the south with an individual handwriting.

The shaping follows clear lines and aims to achieve maximum ergonomics.

The materials used – visible concrete, wood, stone and glass exude moderation and


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About the property

Chief Architect: PROEKKTA STUDIO
Total area of ​​the property: 507 м2
Built-up area: 584.6 м2


kv. Boyana, area "Kinocenter"

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